Track a user's location via Telegram

Find out where the person is in real time

To activate geolocation tracking, specify the username or phone number the target account is tied to:
  • check Real-time location tracking
  • check History of all hacked user's movements
  • check Tracking of sent and saved geotags
  • check Interactive maps to work with geolocation data
  • check Highly accurate display of your current geo-position

By registering a profile in the Dashboard you automatically accept all terms of use.

Location Viewer
Theresita Swann

was(s) recently

  • 17:21 Hi, this is unbelievable!
  • 17:21 How were you able to know where I was?
  • edited 5:25 pm. On my phone
    geolocation is turned off
  • 17:34 There's a cool way to track, use 😎
  • 17:36 Thanks, I'll keep an eye on my husband now too)

How to find out someone else's location via Telegram?

You can track geolocation through Telegram using the TgHacker software. The application also allows you to track the Telegram user's travel history, with the construction of precise routes and the indication of addresses and stop times. TgHacker constantly broadcasts GPS data of authorized devices to the Dashboard. The online geolocation hacking app is a real way to establish tracking of another person's movements. It is fully compatible with all modern Android, iOS devices, Mac and Windows computers.

Once the hack is complete, the following data and functionality will be available to you:

Current location

Display of the user's geo-position on maps; Coordinates of the point where the user is at the current moment

History of travels

Display on maps of routes taken by a tracked user; CSV-table with the coordinates of all places where the user was delayed for more than 30 minutes

Geo-tag collection

All geotags and geo-tagging sessions ever sent by compromised account owner; Restore deleted geotags

People Nearby

People Nearby usage history; Duplicate display of nearby users on compromised device

Other users geotags

All geotags and geo-tagging sessions other users have ever sent or forwarded to the account holder

Messages containing location or time

Tracking messages that used a time, address, location, or meet verb in some form

Movement notifications

Sending notifications when a tracked user has visited or left a designated area

Request a verification code

The user can request a verification code at any time, and use it to log in to the compromised account

us 140 The Chandlers, Leeds LS2 7EZ

15 days ago

en 140 The Chandlers, Leeds LS2 7EZ

10 minutes ago

en 2 Chantrell Ct, Leeds LS2 7HA

2 days ago

en 23 Chantrell Ct, Leeds LS2 7HA

5 minutes ago

Location broadcast

Precise GPS coordinates of device location

The software broadcasts the location of the user who is being tracked in real time. Interactive web maps are built into the application interface to display geolocation. The maps also display the geolocation of other devices on which the hacked Telegram account is authorized.

Track hacked Telegram movements

Find out hacked user's travel routes

Once location tracking is set, the app starts recording and remembering all of the account owner's movements. For each route taken by the user, information about time and speed is shown. If necessary, route information can be downloaded as a CSV table containing information about changes in the coordinates of all authorized devices.

GPS Location Tracking | TgHacker
People Nearby
People nearby
Alexander Gobets

4.21 km from here

Sergey Vorontsov

6.17 km from here

Irina Kosidlova

7.25 km from here

Eugenia Stonkova

12,29 km from here

Breaking into the "People Nearby" feature

Find out who the compromised user sees nearby

People nearby is a special Telegram tool that allows you to search for users who are nearby and communicate with them. Hacking this feature allows you to quickly find out which of the users with whom the account owner corresponds is close to him or her at the current moment in time. In addition, TgHacker shows the history of using the tool before hacking the account.

Tracking of published geo-tags

Find out what locations have been tagged by the user

The app duplicates all geotags ever sent and received and account broadcast sessions. TgHacker users can assign a higher importance status to certain geotags (just click on the geotag and select the "Important" button in the pop-up window) - such tags will be permanently displayed on the map.

Tracking geotags and GPS coordinates
Send Geo-Tagging

with an accuracy of 6.2 kilometers

Broadcast geo-position

Updated in real time

  • Track your movements via Telegram

    updated 33 minutes ago

  • Location

    updated 1 hour ago

Movement notifications

Building virtual control barriers

Using this tool, users can constantly monitor the movements of the account owner. To configure the functionality, you need to select a specific point on the map and specify the tracking radius. After launching the tool, the app will send the user a notification when the account owner visits and leaves the designated area.

Tracking messages containing a location

Intelligent address recognition in correspondence

The software analyzes all of the hacked account's correspondence, and in a separate tab in the Dashboard it displays those conversations in which there may be talk about meeting or attending an event. Machine learning is used to implement and develop the tool, which means that the accuracy of the analysis and selection of messages will be constantly improving.

  • 18:33 There is a suggestion for the evening!
  • 18:33 Let's sit in a bar near my house 🙂 🙂
  • карта телеграм
  • 18:41 I know this bar even without a location!
  • 18:42 Great, then I'll meet you there at 9:00 P.M. 💋

How to determine location via Telegram? 3 simple steps to track geolocation

By following the sequence of steps below, you can gain permanent access to any Telegram user's geolocation information.


Hacking into a target account

First, sign up and choose the right package for you. We recommend going deeper and properly understand the functionality of the application, this will help you buy exactly what you need and not pay too much. The hack will start automatically after you complete the payment. The software will send you a notification when the hack is complete.


Configuring the software

Once the hack is complete, TgHacker will go into geolocation tracking mode. At this point, it makes sense to configure the app in a way that makes sense to you. Log in to the Dashboard, go to Settings, set all the necessary notification options, and then click "Save and Apply".


Location Tracking

All done, at this point geolocation tracking is functioning in real time. In order to find out where another person is via Telegram, simply open the "Location" tab in your Dashboard.

Anonymous Telegram monitoring

Hacking and viewing the obtained data

Telegram account history information will be uploaded to your dashboard after you start the session.


Enter number or @username


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to hack the People Nearby feature and track users who are close to the account owner?

Yes, and the TgHacker app has this functionality. In addition to displaying nearby users, the software also shows the history of use of the People Nearby tool in the hacked account.

Can I plot a route from my location to where the tracked user is using TgHacker maps?

No, there is no navigation mode in the TgHacker web application maps, but you can just one click to open that location in Google Maps and route it in the online maps.

I'm running several sessions to track my Telegram account. Can I track the movements of all hacked users on one map?

Yes, you can. By default the app is set to broadcast one user's geo-position, but you can change that in Preferences.

Can I track another person's IP address through TgHacker?

Yes, easily. Go to Settings and open the Devices tab - there you will find the actual IP addresses of all the devices where the hacked Telegram account is authorized.