How to get a hacked Telegram group back

How to recover a hacked Telegram channel

Today, hacking of Telegram accounts is no longer considered something incredible. The victims of hackers are both business owners who deploy advertising campaigns in the messenger, and ordinary people who gather hundreds and thousands of subscribers on their groups and channels.

Is it possible to get back a hacked Telegram group?

How to know if your Telegram account was hacked

The main problem with hacking an account is that Telegram users are not always immediately aware of the actions of intruders. But there are several factors that indicate that your account has been accessed by third parties:

  • Texts, photos, or videos that you didn't send are displayed in the transmitted messages;
  • you cannot always access your account;
  • the messenger often asks you to confirm personal information (phone number, email address);
  • you receive messages that your account has been logged in from a new device.

Confirm or deny the fact of hacking allows the function Active Session. In the settings of the application in the Privacy and Security section displays all active sessions, as well as the history of logging into the messenger. Here you can view:

  • version of the client from which the login was made;
  • date and time of logging in to the messenger;
  • IP address - a unique network identifier in the computer network;
  • the country and city corresponding to this IP;
  • the operating system of the device;
  • smartphone or tablet model (for the mobile application) or browser name (for the desktop version).
How to view active sessions in Telegramм

But the absence of third-party sessions in the messenger settings can not guarantee that your account has not been hacked. After all, an attacker could easily connect to your account and then delete all traces of his presence.

The only way to make sure there are no third-party connections is to track your personal profile activity. We'll cover this method in detail in How to restore a hacked Telegram channel with TgHacker.

How to protect a group or channel in Telegram from hacking

The first thing owners of Telegram channels and groups need to do is enable two-factor authentication. In this application, it is somewhat different from the usual methods of protection, because the second access code here comes not to a mobile number, but to an email address. Therefore, the ideal solution would be to link the accounts in the messenger and the email client to different phone numbers. Then, even if an attacker can get a duplicate of your SIM card, he won't be able to access your account.

You can turn on two-factor authentication under Privacy and Security subsection Two-Step Verification. You can do this both in the mobile and desktop versions of the messenger. Two-factor authentication will help protect your account from hacking In addition to setting up two-factor authentication, we also recommend daily monitoring of the list of active sessions (which we told you about above) and deactivating suspicious connections.

Two-factor authentication can help protect your account from hacking

In addition to setting up two-factor authentication, we also recommend monitoring the list of active sessions (which we covered above) on a daily basis and disabling suspicious connections.

It is also worth remembering that the most unprotected smartphones are those with jailbreak and root rights. Such settings give their users full administrative rights, but they give the same permissions to third-party applications. That is, on the phone with root or jailbreak installed programs will be able to perform manipulations that were originally inaccessible to them, including the collection of confidential data.

Is it possible to get back a hacked Telegram group

To regain access to a hacked Telegram channel, you can contact the messenger's technical support team.

  1. Go to the help section in the Telegram client or go to the official Support Team website.
  2. In the request form, describe your problem in detail and specify the e-mail address to get a response from technical support.
  3. Do not forget to include the phone number to which your account is tied.
  4. Wait for a reply from security and, following the instructions, get your hacked Telegram group back.

Unfortunately, the technical support of the messenger does not always solve such problems. In addition, if an employee of the company helps to restore access, he does it very reluctantly and quite slowly. And usually you need to regain control of the group or channel not sometime later, but right now.

To quickly resolve the problem, you can use the services of third-party applications that can gain full access to the account and provide new login details for the hacked account.

How to restore a hacked Telegram channel with TgHacker

One of the popular programs that allows you to get back a hacked Telegram page and restore access to groups and channels in minutes is TgHacker.

The presented software remotely accesses the target account by exploiting an SS7 (signaling system #7) protocol vulnerability. To initialize the hack, you need to enter your Telegram username or the phone number to which the target account is linked in the corresponding field.

How to recover a hacked Telegram channel with TgHacker

In addition, the presented application allows you to get all the deleted information, including sent messages and history of logins to the messenger. That is, if third parties still performed any actions in Telegram on your behalf, you will definitely learn about it from the archive of user data formed by TgHacker.

In conclusion it should be noted that if you assume that your messenger account has been hacked, make sure to install two-factor authentication and periodically look through the active Telegram sessions. Also, for your own peace of mind, use TgHacker's capabilities and find out exactly whether any messages were sent on your behalf and then deleted from your correspondence history.