Hack another person's Telegram account on iOS

Apps for hacking Telegram on iPhone

To activate the hack, enter the username or phone number to which the account you want to hack is tied:
  • check Full message history of the hacked account
  • check Constant tracking of new activity
  • check Smart notification system
  • check The app requires no download or installation
  • check Works on any iOS device without Jailbreak

By registering a profile in the Dashboard you automatically accept all terms of use.

Hi, I've always used Tg and was confident that my correspondence was perfectly safe. But I was told by a mutual friend of ours that you know how to hack the most anonymous messenger.

Let's share the information! 🤝


Hacking and tracking technologies.

Completely anonymous hacking of any Telegram account. Get full access to someone else's account and manage it as if it were your own.

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    Hacking Telegram on any iOS device

  • 17:34 It's done in five minutes even without a phone
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Hacking Telegram correspondence on iPhone, iPad, Macbook and other Apple devices

After launching a Telegram hacking session, the app logs into the compromised account on the virtual device. The software then retrieves and copies the entire correspondence history of the hacked account, and duplicates it in a third-party interface, TgHacker's Dashboard. Types of extracted data: Secret chats, incoming outgoing messages, location coordinates and movement history, incoming and outgoing call logs, address book contacts, list of files received and sent through iOS devices.

After completing the hack, the following features will be available to you:

Correspondence Hacking

Access to the full message history of all private and group chats of the hacked account; Setting up tracking and subsequent tracking of new incoming and outgoing messages in real time

Access to geolocation data

Constant broadcast of the current geolocation of the tracked user; Interactive web maps integrated into the application interface; Data on the previous movements of the account owner

Interception of SMS messages

Tracking and displaying all SMS messages received and sent from devices with a compromised account in TgHacker Dashboard; Tracking and intercepting iMessages

Call Tracking and Logging

Information about all voice calls, video calls and videoconferences, in which the Telegram account was involved; Tracking of new calls and notification about them; Wiretapping of calls (broadcasting of audio and video signals to the Dashboard)

Hacking someone else's iPhone Gallery

Access to all photos and videos stored on devices with authorized accounts; Downloading the entire content of the hacked Gallery on your iPhone or iPad as a ZIP-archive

Full account database

Tracking all the hidden data of the account: Telegram ID, phone number, status of the last activity; Information about channel subscription and administration; Downloadable ZIP-archive containing the full account database

Hacking multiple accounts

Create and add new hacking sessions; Create different notification scripts for each tracked account; If multiple hacking sessions are run simultaneously, the user receives additional discounts

Authorization in account

Requesting and then obtaining a verification code via the TgHacker application interface; Using the code to authorize into a hacked Telegram account; Closing all active sessions of using the account

Telegram messenger files and documents

Access to data on the device

Hacking the iPhone on which Telegram is installed

Having access to different types of data depends on the permissions and rights that the Telegram app has on a particular device. Almost always, the app has permission to access device memory. Thus, TgHacker is able to hack SMS messages, iMessage, Gallery, Call Log, FaceTime, Call History, and Contacts.

How to hack Telegram on iOS?

An effective way to remotely hack Telegram

Contrary to the assurances of the developers of the app, hacking Telegram is quite a feasible process. Every day there are dozens of attempts to hack or steal someone else's Telegram account from an iPhone. And while there are not many successful attempts to steal another person's Telegram account, they definitely happen. The only proven and guaranteed way to hack Telegram on iOS is the TgHacker app, anonymous hacking username or phone number.

Hacking another person's Telegram account on iOS

How to read the correspondence by hacking Telegram on iPhone?

To read Telegram correspondence on the iPhone, it is enough to choose the most effective and anonymous way to spy on the profile. Particular attention should be paid to the reviews of users of each particular tracker application, as not all programs presented today are equally effective. Be sure to evaluate the level of protection of your data and the privacy of the information obtained after hacking your account.

TgHacker is a spy app that can hack someone else's Telegram account without access to the phone with 100% efficiency, it has wide functionality and good reputation, which allows you to call it the best way to hack someone else's Telegram.

3 things that make TgHacker the best solution for hacking Telegram on iOS

  • download

    No need to download and install anything

    The software is implemented as a web application - all you need to have an up-to-date browser version to authorize your Dashboard. Once you have activated your TgHacker account, you can login to it on any number of devices. The operating system, device type and model do not matter, TgHacker is cross-platform software.

  • ios

    The application is optimized for iOS devices

    However, when developing it, we tried to go as deep as possible into the user experience and needs. For example, that's why using the TgHacker app is almost imperceptible to the battery of your device, and the adaptive interface of the software optimally uses the screen space of all iPhones and iPads.

  • sparkles

    Instant synchronization with your device

    The ability to synchronize the application with the memory of the device is designed for users who have no time to constantly keep track of what's happening in a compromised account, and want to have quick access to information. When setting up the synchronization, you specify the types of data you are interested in, and the software downloads such data packets to the device in the background, if WiFi is available.

Follow 3 steps to hack any Telegram account in just 15 minutes.


Determine the identifier

To do this, just provide the account phone number or username on any page of the online application.


Launch TgHacker

Wait until TgHacker creates a request to intercept the system message with the code that allows you to access the page.


Get the result

As a result, the client is able to authorize the profile on the new device. Information about the login and password of the desired account.

Anonymous Telegram monitoring

Hacking and viewing the obtained data

Telegram account history information will be uploaded to your dashboard after you start the session.


Enter number or @username

Tools for working with data

Chronicle - an interface element that allows you to track a hacked user's activity in chronological order. If necessary, to sift out unnecessary information, you can set the period of interest and apply filters by type of activity.

Smart Search - Capable of performing a deep search of the entire account database. Search algorithms take into account possible misspellings of words and can simultaneously take into account multiple filters (you can apply up to 50 different parameters to customize your search).

Favorites - A directory you can use so nothing gets lost. Just save a message, photo, comment or any other data to Favorites, and the software will sort it and automatically make the data packet available for quick download.


Frequently asked questions

How safe is it to hack a Telegram account from iPhone and other iOS devices?

We guarantee that it is safe. Due to the data transfer and storage protocols used by the software, the iOS operating system identifies the TgHacker web application as reliable and secure.

Can I access someone else's iPhone Gallery using TgHacker?

Yes, the app allows you to do so. TgHacker uses the device's memory access permission that the hacked Telegram app already has.

I cannot find the TgHacker app in the AppStore. How do I install the app?

You do not need to download and install anything! As a web app, TgHacker can be launched from any operating system and any device that has an Internet connection and a fresh browser version.

Is there any way the target user can track and prevent the hack?

The probability that a hack will be detected is extremely low - the only scenario in which a hack can fail is when the compromised user opens the list of active sessions and disables the new session that has appeared. In such situations, we guarantee a refund or the possibility of launching a new hacking session (can be reused for the same Telegram account).