Hack someone else's Telegram account on Android

An app for hacking Telegram correspondence

Before you run the hack, specify the username or phone number to which the target account is tied:
  • check Telegram correspondence hacking and tracking software
  • check Tracking the location of authorized devices
  • check Full access to compromised account database
  • check Compatible with any Android smartphones and tablets
  • check Guaranteed result and effective hack

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Hi Dear! Remember, you showed me the website that can hack any Android and track Telegram correspondence? My husband bought a new Samsung and I really need to read his messages!

Help me out, many thanks 🙏🏽


Online Spying and Account Monitoring

Hack Telegram account remotely and monitor the activity of up to five different accounts right in your Dashboard.

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    Read messages and secret chats

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How to hack Telegram on Android?

The fastest and most reliable way to access any Telegram account on Android without installing and downloading additional applications — find an effective online spy for hacking Telegrams on Android. TgHacker is just the most effective solution for hacking someone else's account without access to the device. The online application will not only provide access to the full history of the account, including incoming and outgoing messages, secret chats location information, call logs, list of received and sent files, but will also help hijack any Telegram - account online without a phone number. Additionally, the ability to control administered groups and channels is available.

After completing the hack, you will have access to the following features and functions:

Hacked Telegram account database

Full account message history; All reactions, comments, votes in polls; Sent and received photos, videos, audio recordings, documents, files; Call log; Contact list

Tracking and analysis tools

Tracking of incoming and outgoing messages; Activity tracking; Monitoring of current location; Search and filtering system; Setup of voice and video call tapping

Dashboard section

Adaptive interface, compatible with any Android devices, and does not depend on the amount of RAM and internal memory of the device; Online synchronization every 300 seconds; Authorization for an unlimited number of devices

Verification code request

TgHacker users have an unlimited number of times to request a verification code, which can be used to authorize a hacked Telegram account

Access to the memory of authorized devices

If the Telegram app has the appropriate permissions, the software grants access to Gallery, Message History, Contacts, Call History, Notes, and much more

Create new hacking sessions

Launch an unlimited number of hacking sessions and set up surveillance on other Telegram accounts; Quick hack function for Telegram accounts in Contacts of an already hacked account

Cloud sync and download

Possibility to download single data packets or whole database to device; Synchronization mode with set up scripts for automatic download of specific data types

Channels owned by user

Adding and removing administrators and bots; Changing the name, description and group contacts; Complete list of subscribers to each channel; Creating, editing and deleting publications, galleries, polls

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    Hack any Telegram account on Android, read messages online

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Read your Telegram correspondence on Android

Hack into any account and manage messages

TgHacker users get their hands on the full message history of the hacked account, including message editing history, and deleted messages and chats (if they were deleted no earlier than 90 days before the hack). Special players are integrated into the TgHacker interface to listen to voice messages and view video messages.

Hacking smartphone memory via Telegram

Monitoring any Android device via Telegram hack

The ability to access the internal memory of devices on which the account being monitored is an exclusive feature of the TgHacker app. Users can view online and download photos, videos, documents, SMS messages, and any other non-system files stored on the device. The TgHacker team guarantees the highest possible download speed for your Internet connection.


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Notification system

Flexible notification system

Setting up online notifications in the Dashboard

When developing the notification system, the main goal of the development team was to achieve such a flexibility where the user could customize the notification sending scenarios that would take into account more than 10 filters and conditions at the same time. As a result, users have access to a professional management system, but don't worry, you don't have to configure everything yourself, you can choose one of the standard scenarios.

Hidden account data

Privacy tracking, de-anonymization

The software is able to track any data of the target Telegram account, regardless of what privacy settings the account owner has set: find out the phone number in Telegram by user name, and vice versa; track the latest activity for each authorized device; restore secret chats.

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    Read incoming and outgoing messages on Telegram

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Is it possible to hack Telegram for free?

Hacking any modern application requires serious power costs, so it is not free. If you find an offer for free hacking Telegram or any other applications on Android, you are likely to risk losing and leaking data.

However, many effective spyware applications (such as TgHacker) have a serious long-term reputation and many positive reviews. At the same time, they offer an affiliate program with the opportunity to earn money. Using the earned income, you can hack any Telegram account on Android for free.

How to hack a Telegram account on Android. 3 steps guide



Before proceeding to the payment, we strongly advise you to study the functionality of the software. Choose a package based on the tools and features you will need for surveillance and the number of users you want to hack.


Launch the software

Once TgHacker has completed the hack and tracking installation, it will send you a notification and invite you to proceed to the account settings. If you prefer, you can skip this step and continue with the default settings.


Move on to tracking

Well, now let's get to it! If you encounter any difficulties in using TgHacker while snooping, please write to our support team: we will definitely help you sort out the problem, and your submission will help us improve the user experience of the app.

Anonymous Telegram monitoring

Hacking and viewing the obtained data

Telegram account history information will be uploaded to your dashboard after you start the session.


Enter number or @username


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have access to my device and root rights to use the TgHacker app for Android hacking?

No, TgHacker does not require access to your device and root rights. To run and use the TgHacker software, simply provide the username or phone number that your account is tied to.

How much Internet traffic does online monitoring consume?

Tracking your account in the Dashboard not consume internet traffic. Downloading history will consume a data packet, depending on the size of the saved archive.

Does it make sense to use VPN to increase anonymity and hacking security?

TgHacker software is a completely safe and anonymous solution for hacking Telegram on Android. However, using services like a VPN always increases your level of anonymity online.

How to minimize the possibility of detection of hacking?

The possibility of identifying the hack and further exposing you is completely eliminated, unless you are active on behalf of the hacked user, send messages, files and perform other suspicious activities.