How to hack Telegram for free

Is it possible to really hack Telegram for free?

Telegram is rightfully considered one of the most secure messengers, but even it, like any other application, can be hacked. Unfortunately, almost all effective methods that can be found on the web are paid. However, it is possible to actually hack Telegram for free. Only to do this, you need to know some tricks, which we will tell you about below.

Telegram vulnerability used for hacking

The developers of the messenger are constantly introducing new security algorithms into their product. They increase the security of user data in Telegram and prevent intruders from gaining access to confidential information.

But not everything depends on the creators of the messenger. There are vulnerabilities that are beyond the developers' control. One of these is the security hole in signaling system No. 7 (SS7 protocol), which mobile operators use to transmit messages between subscribers.

Signal Network No. 7 was developed back in 1975 and has hardly changed in its almost 50 years of existence. Initially it was quite secure, but with the development of technology the level of security in it has been constantly dropping. Nowadays, this has led to the fact that almost anyone, with the right equipment and some knowledge, can access the incoming/outgoing information of mobile network subscribers. This includes the verification codes that messengers send to confirm the right to log in to the account.

How to use SS7 protocol vulnerability to hack Telegram guaranteed

Telegram creators can improve the messenger's security algorithms as much as they want, but until mobile operators switch to another data transmission format, the personal data of the application's users will remain under threat.

Guaranteed hack of Telegram using software that exploits SS7 protocol vulnerability

The algorithm of famous web application TgHacker is based on SS7 protocol vulnerability, which allows to get positive results in 90% of cases. Moreover, the access denial is usually caused by reconnecting the target subscriber to another tower of the mobile operator. That is, if the attempt to hack the desired account is repeated at a different time, the result of the attack is likely to be positive. But let's examine exactly how TgHacker gains access to the target user's account.

Real hacking of Telegram with TgHacker

Stages of hacking Telegram accounts:

  1. Connecting to signaling system #7 and sending the Send Routing Info for SM (SRI4SM) service command to the network channel with the target subscriber number.
  2. Receiving a response from the operator, including the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) and the MSC address, at which the desired network user is currently connected.
  3. Changing the existing address in the billing system to your own (similarly, the address in the network changes during a flight to another country, so this action is not considered incorrect by cellular operators).
  4. Requesting a verification code from the Telegram server to activate the desired account and intercepting a message with this information (after receiving the code, the message is erased from the general data stream).
  5. Transferring the target account to a special emulator installed on a remote server, collecting user information and forming it into a single archive.

After TgHacker is finished, a generated archive of target information will be available in the Dashboard, which you can download to your computer or smartphone.

Is it possible to hack Telegram for free

It is worth noting that TgHacker is a paid application. However, almost always a flexible pricing policy is available to users. But, in addition to lucrative bonus programs, registered users also become available to participate in an affiliate program, which allows you to use the capabilities of the software for free.

After registering in the application, each user gets an affiliate link, through which he can attract referrals and thus earn bonus points. With enough bonus points, a person can hack a Telegram account for free.

Free Telegram hacking when participating in an affiliate program from TgHacker

You can promote the referral link on your pages in social networks, in messengers, in comments on thematic forums and sites. Conditions for participation in the affiliate program do not regulate the methods of attracting new users, so you can use any convenient ways to promote yourself.

Real hacking of Telegram: how to hack a messenger account without third-party software

As we wrote above, the only guaranteed way to hack Telegram accounts is to use the SS7 protocol vulnerability. But in order to gain access to the switches of the said signaling network, you need to register as a mobile operator. Officially, it is almost impossible to do this, and it is illegal to use shady schemes to obtain the mobile operator's global title (GT).

Therefore, the only option to really hack Telegram accounts using the critical vulnerability of the SS7 signaling protocol is to use special programs (such as TgHacker) that have access to the switches of mobile operators.