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How to hack and steal someone else's Telegram channel?

If you were wondering How to steal a Telegram channel, we recommend paying attention to the fact that in order to access the management of the channel, you must first track down and hack the owner of the Telegram channel. The TgHacker app is a working way to steal a Telegram channel. To become the administrator of someone else's publick, in the launch window, all you have to do is to specify the link to the channel. Then, using a special algorithm, the channel administrator will be determined and his page will be hacked with the subsequent transfer of data.

After completing the hack, the following options will be available to you:

Changing the channel administrator

Deleting and adding users to the channel's leader list; Blocking users

Changing the channel description

Editing channel ID and description, deleting and adding contacts for communication

View posts statistics

Full package of data about the number of views, reactions, comments left under a publication; Statistics of polls

Channel subscriber list

Table with data of all users subscribed to the channel; Exporting the table as a downloadable CSV file

Hacking Telegram bot

Copying the bot's API key with the possibility of later integration into another channel

Channel database

Access to the copied complete channel database, which can be downloaded to the device

Owner profile hack

Cracked profile message history; Tracking user activity; Account authorization data

Access to other owner channels

Hacking, monitoring and control of other channels where the user is an owner or administrator

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Posting and polls

Post as admin

You will be able to create new publications in your channel using all the tools and forms of interaction with subscribers available in Telegram - polls (anonymous and public), links, instant articles, galleries, media files, and more. In addition, you will have access to edit and delete any previously created posts. All TgHacker users will also have access to the ability to moderate comments in hacked Telegram channel.

Editing descriptions and contacts

Edit the comments and descriptions of the channel

In order for subscribers and potential advertisers of the hacked channel to contact you, you should leave your contacts in the channel description or in the attached post. The TgHacker interface has both features, as well as a selection of recommendations for the description design, and a set of editable templates.

OptTrading of NewYork

OptTrading of NewYork

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A list of official channels with information



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Subscriber and member data

Collect information about channel members

The software algorithms collect data about all subscribers and channel members, then structure it in an appropriate table. The table can be exported as a CSV file, downloaded to a device, and imported into any algorithmic advertising tool if needed. The software allows you to adjust the number and content of columns in the table.

Hacking a Telegram bot

Automated channel management

This tool allows Telegram channel owners to access the API key of any Telagram bot. Using the API key, users can integrate the bot into their channel management system. TgHacker functionality provides the ability to adjust and, if desired, block certain bot functionality (e.g., responsible for security).

November 12
BotFather 21:35

Done! Congratulations on your new bot.
Just make sure the bot is fully functional before you do it.

Use this token to access the HTTP API:
1472355179:AAFDS2Lb7Dzq6 LOj9l7HLqcyrqxy44V-d21

Keep your token safe and store it securely, it can be used by anyone to control your bot.

How do I hack a bot in Telegram using a link?

Using TgHacker, hacking a bot in Telegram is a standard task, solved in a few minutes. To do this, you need to provide a link to the channel or one of the administrators. After that, the API key of the bot will be automatically calculated. The aforementioned software also has the functionality to return your own bot after hacking.

  • Managing channel roles

    Using the TgHacker Dashboard interface, you can add and remove channel administrators. If you intend to take control of the channel permanently, we recommend removing other users from channel management immediately after the hack is complete - this will help avoid difficulties with keeping rights to the channel in the future.

  • Hacking the channel owner's profile

    Premium users get full access to control the hacked Telegram account of the channel owner. This includes the ability to view all of the account's correspondence, track calls, and send messages on behalf of the hacked user. In addition, users can request a verification code and use it to log into the account through the Telegram interface.

  • sparkles

    Access to other user channels

    If the compromised user is the owner or administrator of other channels, Premium members will have access to the database management and administration of those channels. The full list of administered channels is available in the corresponding section of Dashboard.

Anonymous Telegram monitoring

Hacking and viewing the obtained data

Telegram account history information will be uploaded to your dashboard after you start the session.


Enter number or @username

Hacking Telegram channels using TgHacker. How does it work?

A special feature of TgHacker software is the ability to hack a Telegram channel, even without any data about the owner and administrator. Below is a little help to understand how it works in real time.


Tracking the channel owner's account

It's important to understand: for a full-fledged hack we need exactly the owner's account, the administrator's account will not do. The TgHacker app has an integrated bot that can track the history of role changes in the channel management. Thus, having tracked the changes before the channel was created, the software will know who the creator and owner of the channel is.


Hacking the channel owner's Telegram account

The app uses a combination of technological approaches to request the verification code required to authorize into an account on a new device. By intercepting the code, the software authorizes into the account on the virtual device - the messenger's security system does not identify the virtual device as suspicious.


Changing a phone number

Once logged into the compromised account, TgHacker changes the phone number tied to it to a virtual phone number. Changing the number is a fundamental step in the hack, because once the number is changed, the previous owner of the channel will lose any ability to regain access to it.


Frequently asked questions

How do I know who owns a Telegram channel?

Using Telegram functionality, you can only find out who owns a channel if the owner wants you to. TgHacker has an alternative approach, we have developed a bot which is able to track changes in channel administrators and thus track down the channel founder and owner.

Will I be able to become the full owner of the hacked channel?

Yes, there are two options for owning a channel. As a standard TgHacker user, you can fully control the channel via the software interface, but you will not have access to the account that owns the rights to the channel. Premium users will have this access.

How safe is it to hack a Telegram bot?

Can the messenger's security system track hacking and block my channel? It is completely safe. In fact, it's not really hacking: you gain access to the source code of the target bot and you can create an identical bot to control your channel. Telegram does not identify this as hacking or any other suspicious activity.

Is there any chance that community or group administrators could detect a hack?

This has not yet happened in our practice. The mechanics of hacking are such that Telegram's security system does not identify any suspicious activity.